In the Chess project, I implemented AI bots that run the Minimax searching algorithm. The minimax algorithm uses recursive backtracking to find the best way to play the next step....

Ray Tracer


A ray tracer renders life-like images based on some physical rules for lights. I implemented a recursive ray tracer that uses the Blinn-Phong lighting model and supports reflections, refractions, shadows...

Wheelchair VR


wheelchair vitual reality is a C# project built using the Unity engine and the support of the steam VR environment.The purpose of the project is to let the user experience...



The map application is a fun location-based service app that allows you to draw polygons on a map. Simply walk around your neighborhood and draw a shape that you like!...

HTTP Proxy


The HTTP proxy works at the TCP level by modifying the traffic sent from the user’s browser and forwarding it onto the remote server.